Questions? Call us: (480) 470-1133
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Questions? Call us: (480) 470-1133
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Inventory Management, Patient Management, Grow Management, Point-of-Sale Features, Reports & Compliance, Display Manager, Time Tracker, Multi-Location Capable, Franchise Management, Quickbooks Integration and More…


Off-site management with up-to-date status and 24/7 authorized access. Our new “Analysis” feature enables you to drag and drop from over 100 fields of your data.  3 way mirrored backup at 2 locations protects all your data and provides enhanced security…


Speak to a real person who knows you and your business. No long wait in a phone queue. No filling out a delayed work ticket. With no annual contract, we must keep our customers happy every month. Training and Support provided every step of the way.

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Start off right
Whether you are just starting out or relocating to a bigger dispensary, this is the best time to take a look at your management system options. Your management system should be ready to serve you well until the day you sell the business. Start off right and you are set. Start off wrong and you will need to change systems at some point, risking lost data and disrupting your business.
We built WeedWare specifically for the cannabis industry, and with our clients in mind. We are proud to have a solid product combined with superior personalized customer service. We are constantly improving our software with time saving and profit generating management tools, while keeping the ease of use our customers have come to expect. This is our commitment to customer service at a higher level.
Our Promise
Our state of the art cannabis management software will upgrade your total business model 24/7. WeedWare provides real time reporting, streamlines your process, organizes better, refines record keeping and jump starts your productivity. See a big increase in your margin $$, combined with delivery of superior personalized customer service.