Point of Sale (POS)

Your customers are the most important aspect of your business. WeedWare’s POS system provides your organization with the tools to manage and streamline your customer service processes, providing in order to provide a smooth and effortless sales process. Check out some of the features that make WeedWare the essential cannabis platform!

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WeedWare POS Screens

Easily Manageable POS System

Sales have never been easier! Flow is important in any POS system and WeedWare has designed each screen to be simple and maneuverable. Each field has been strategically placed to serve as a guide for every level of salesperson. Cannabis has many compliance hurdles, and WeedWare takes them all into consideration, ensuring that salespeople will not miss essential items.

Hardware Integrations Solution = Faster Checkout

Scan products and ID Cards (Marijuana Card, Driver’s License, State ID’s, and Military ID’s) – to auto input customer name, address, ID#, Expiration, and DOB. Barcode scanning, ID scanning, quick customer lookups, and easy payment processes will get your customers in and out quicker.

WeedWare works with thousands of resellers to ensure your organization has the right equipment to serve your customers efficiently.

WeedWare Hardware Photo


Discounting is a common marketing strategy in the cannabis industry and weedware has developed a comprehensive discounting program to help.

Schedule based on a specific or the combination of:

  • Product Package
  • Product Line
  • Category
  • Sub-Category
  • Time of day (Happy Hours)
  • Day(s) of the Week

Run specific promotions, like first time customer, utilizing coupon codes when you don’t have a discount schedule.

Ensure your Veterans, Employees, and other valued customers get a standard discount with customer based discounting. WeedWare manages all of your discounting dilemmas with ease.

WeedWare Rewards


Getting Customers to come the first time is easy with the plethora of promotions given to first time patrons; however, getting customers to come back becomes the greater challenge. WeedWare rewards are the perfect method for retention as the customer will get 1 point for every dollar spent. You decide how much each point is worth in your establishment and reward your customers for coming back.

WeedWare Rewards
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Compliant with Any Medical or Regulatory System

Because all government regulations concerning cannabis vary at every turn, WeedWare has adapted, or will adapt, the software to meet the needs of your organization based on your locality. Regulators want to know how much product you have, where you got it from, and who you gave it to. WeedWare will track every transaction and every move your product makes…from seed to sale.

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